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anytime I fill up or add fuel to my car it turns off when its on and its always hard to start back up. well this weekend I was driving and the esp light came on( I think that's the light). well I took it to advanced auto and they gave me the code p0322. and after he plugged it up to the machine the light went off I drove it 3 hours and it was fine. well today I was sitting in the drive thru and it cut off and it took about 5 minutes to get it cranked. once I got it crunk the light came back on and it started to skake and act like it was gonna stall. anybody have any idea how costly or how hard this is to fix if we did it ourselves, I looked up the part and it was only 21 but was gonna get some info. also my car has a bad fume at all times
Vehicle: 05 jetta gli

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Hi there

This code means there isn't any engine speed getting to the computer. This code can be caused by several issues including the ignition speed sensor. Here is some good info on the code.

P0322 VOLKSWAGEN - Ignition Engine Speed Input Circuit No Signal

Read more: https://www.autocodes.com/p0322_volkswagen.html

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