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I'm getting the P0322 fault intermittently, causing the engine to stop for a split second (not stalling the engine).
Could the vehicle need coil packs? (Spark plugs recently replaced)
Where is this sensor located so I can physically examine?

Thank you in advance!

Vehicle: 2005.5 Volkswagen Jetta 2.5l

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P0322 Engine speed input circuit no signal

This is the engine speed or the RPM sensor the fault criteria is with the camshaft signal, With out this signal you will stall out unexpectedly. The location is between the engine and the transmission, this is also reffered to as the Crank position sensor.

The cam position sensor is also suspected. When it comes to VW with P0322 either one of the sensor is being intermittent, the RPM sensor or the cam sensor,


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