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I put a used motor in and cleaned the engine area with gunk and hosed it down. I never pulled out the transmission. I did take all the harnesses out ...the car never had any codes before ...it's a 2006 Ford Fusion 4.3L. I cleared the code but the odometer will not register anything ..ill drive about a 1/4 mile and the check engine light comes on and the odometer starts working ..(p0720) do you think the speed sensor shorted out with the cleaning.

Vehicle: 2006 Ford Fusion 4.3L

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It is possile the sensor shorted, but also check the harness and make sure it is plugged in completely.

Also make sure you didn't miss any grounds on the harness. A bad ground can cause this
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P0720 Ford Code - Output Shaft Speed Sensor Circuit Malfunction
Read more: https://www.autocodes.com/p0720_ford.html

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