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P0976 2004 Acura MDX Touring 3.5L
This code popped up after I add ATF that I accidentally overfilled it. So I drained it back down to right between the 2 lines on the dip stick. #5 on the dash still was blinking green so I changed the ATF with Honda certified fluid and drained all the diode and tried to clear the engine Codes too. Than I went to my local U-Pull it lot and swapped out the single and double (black and brown) male connectors. Still no luck! I think the B solenoid is the brown one, but not 100% sure. Hopefully I can get confirmation that that is the location for the B solenoid. I want to wire in a 194 bulb to it and trick the the pcm
Thanks for your help

Vehicle: 2004 Acura MDX Touring 3.5L

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I'm not sure which connector you got. Here is the location of Shift Solenoid 'B', which is inside the transmission along with the other Shift Solenoids. Let me know if you need more help.

Acura MDX Shift Solenoid Location

Acura MDX Shift Solenoid Connector

 From the Engine Control Module (ECM) measure the resistance of shift solenoids A, B, and C to compare them all. The resistance between the shift solenoids and ground should be between 11-30 ohms.
Terminal 11 of the A connector should be a Blue/yellow wire and should read the correct resistance. The code P0976 is for the solenoid B circuit. Terminal A12 is a Green/White wire and is for solenoid B. If the circuit shows to be shorted, disconnect the PCM and the transmission solenoid connector. Recheck the wire to see if it shows shorted to ground. If it now shows open, check the resistance of the shift solenoid B at the transmission. If it shows shorted, replace the solenoid.

Acura MDX Engine Control Module ECM pin connector

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