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Hi, my XF supercharged V8 2008 Jaguar sets the check engine light intermittently, it has code 0203 no 3 injector (cyl 2) open, it used to set the light daily, and had an intake air temp fault, but not now. Since I fitted new plugs its about every 3 days now, it is supercharged so the supercharger is hidden under the intercoolers in the 'V' and the injectors are under all that so I have not been there yet, it looks like a days work.... So, I initially changed the spark plugs and they were the wrong type with a huge gap, It no longer misses on full throttle, starts instantly and has much more power.
I am a mechanic (retired) and wonder if code 0203 actually means what it says, from my experience it often does not!
Can you help, has anyone had to do injectors on the supercharged AJ engine?

Vehicle: 2008 XF SV8 Jaguar

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Hi there

This code is pointing to an issue with the fuel injector on cylinder 3. This could be wiring or the fuel injector itself. Here is a list of possible causes.

P0203 JAGUAR - Injector Circuit Malfunction Cylinder 3

Read more: https://www.autocodes.com/p0203_jaguar.html

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