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Iv replaced the o2 sensor and I'm still getting code 41-02

Vehicle: 1997 Honda civic y7 1.6 sohc

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You treat this code as a P0135 which means electrical problem in the heated 02 sensor. Honda its going to vary from model to model , most of it uses fuse 9. and some uses the same fuse for the a/c clutch.
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Thanks I'll give those a look.. when I looked at the data stream for that it said it was off so going it is a fuse
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Ok so I checked all my fuses #9 is to the ignoring coil  which is good... I looked for the AC clutch fuse but don't see one i did find the AC condenser fuse was blown and i changed it cleared code.. cel came back on about 3 seconds later scanned again and now say same code but now it s1 heater failure or b2 s1 heater circuit.. I also looked at data stream for both s1 and s2  and seen voltage on s1 was 3.89 a t idle and 2 was 1.06.. is this correct or wrong

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