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It sometimes will not drive, while in drive, and will not go in reverse while in reverse. The car always starts without any hesitation, and never rev's. The RPM's always stay within normal range, also. There are NO warning lights illuminated on the dash pertaining to the engine, or the transmission to let me know there is a problem, but I obviously know there is. It all started when I came to a complete stop at a light, went to press on gas a little, nothing happened, so I pressed a little harder, and the car moved very slowly, almost had the pedal floored, and was only doing 50mph.. pulled into a parking lot, turned car off, then back on, then car seemed fine, but it's not. So, this is where my lovely question comes in. Now, this question is being asked by a girl who really doesn't know much about cars, or engines.. so PLEASE go easy! LOL..  Thaanx.
Vehicle: 2009 VW JETTA, 2.5

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P0731 Ist gear ratio error

P0811 excessive clutch slippage

Automatic transmission, there is no quick fix for this , you need another transmission or have what you have rebuilt.
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Hey Reynaldo, Good Morning... Yeah, I TRULY, SINCERELY DO "HOPE" THERE ARE ANGEL'S WATCHING OVER ME!!! I drove it again yesterday, and is it normal to have like a lil tiny jerking when you're coming to a stop? Ray said I'm just being paranoid, and that the car is calibrating.. UUUUUGH!!! You'll have to excuse me, as I am a female, and most females careers aren't in automotive.. Lol. And plus, you seem like you know what you're talking about. Someone else had mentioned to me that maybe the ECM is misreading something somewhere? Idk.. And, I also drove the car in the "S" gear, Sport gear, and she went thru every gear real smoothly, with no problems.. It just feels like when I accelerate from a stop a lil bit, then come to a stop. Damn, I really wish I had the money to put her in the shop. But, for right now, she seems to be okay.. I'm just afraid of running the risk keep driving around to only make matters worse. A friend of mine is going to stop by tomorrow with a computer/scanner.. He said it's from his job, and it's real Hi-Tech, and it will pick up/read ANYTHING that's wrong.. But, that damn lil jerking has got me disheveled! Oh, and another question.. my airbag indicator light had came on the day before all this happened, and I had just installed a kicker box with an amp. Do you think those have anything to do with it? Powerwise? Because I think I remember reading somewhere that one of those codes may have something to do with power? Hope to hear from you soon. Thaanx again Reynaldo..
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That little jerking, your also going to have a delay in acceleration. it will be slight, here what VW says about this, there is no repair required. The only thing they want done is to make sure that the oil is filled and that's it. and by the way do you know if they ever serviced the transmission, The reason I ask you is that you just bought the car. when ever I do a car buying inspection I always check for that and trust me I seen seller pull stunts on people from hiding head gasket problem and  all sort of things. I curious if the correct transmission fluid is used ,
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Oh, okay. It's REALLY strange how cars work! Lol. And, I've been trying to get in touch with the previous owner to find out if the transmission has ever been serviced. The guy I originally bought the car from only had it for a month, and supposedly didn't want it anymore because his daughter didn't like the color.. So, I'm trying to get in touch with the guy he bought the car from, but I'm not having any such luck. I really wish he would respond. I've been asking him questions about the transmission, and if he's ever received any notifications about any recalls on the car. HOPEFULLY he'll respond soon! But, the next time I buy a vehicle, I can promise you this.. I'm bringing a code reader, AND a VERY SMART mechanic with me, like yourself.. Lol.
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Your best way resolve this is enjoy your car, without a vehicle everything we do is tough, one less problem it simple enjoy that you have vehicle. when people enjoy what they have everything is easy, gratitude is magic, when we are grateful for what we have we don't lack, I'm sure your not going to have problem just be grateful and you overcome every obstacle in you way
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Hey, good morning Reynaldo.. just wanted to let you  know you were right from the very start! My   transmission is SHOT!!! A good friend of mine  came over with his computer, and it was a really good scanner, too. It came back with... First gear ratio 1, 2, 4 and 5, as well as Torque converter lockup clutch mechanical malfunction-Intermittent.
Yep, she's DONE! But, I have options.. I think I'm gonna either have her rebuilt, or buy a used one.. The car itself is in GREAT shape, that's why I'm willing to put more money into her. What do you think on used or rebuilt?

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