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still getting p0174 after top end rebuild?

Started getting a shake at cruise speeds several months ago. I have since rebuilt the top end of the engine and replaced the entire egr system. Just popped up a p0174 code again and still getting the shakes at cruise speed. is the lean condition causing the shakes? all vac lines are new and tube checked ok and seemed to seal good on reinstallation.
Vehicle: 2000 ford ranger 3.0 automatic
asked 5 days ago by jamie
edited 5 days ago

1 Answer

HI there

This code can also be the result of a faulty front O2 sensor or a problem with the mass air flow sensor. This could cause running issues with the truck at cruising speeds. Low fuel pressure can also result in the P0174 code as well.
answered 3 days ago by Carguy1 (4,959 points)

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