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I have replaced the ECU and have new coil on number one. What else is there to fix?
Vehicle: 1996, Toyota, 4Runner, 3.4L

1 Answer

P1300 Igntion circuit malfiucntion Bank 1

DTC P1300 Ignition Circuit Malfunction (Bank1)

A DIS (Direct Ignition System) has been adopted. The DIS improves the ignition timing accuracy, reduces high-voltage loss, and enhances the overall reliability of the ignition system by eliminating the distributor. The DIS is a 2-cylinder simultaneous ignition system which ignites 2 cylinders simultaneously with one ignition coil. In the 2-cylinder simultaneous ignition system, each of the 2 spark plugs is connected to the end of the secondary winding. High voltage generated in the secondary winding is applied directly to the spark plugs. The sparks of the 2 spark plugs pass simultaneously from the center electrode to the ground electrode.
The ECM determines ignition timing end outputs the ignition signals (IGT) for each cylinder. Based on IGT signals, the igniter controls the primary ignition signals (IGT) for all ignition coils. At the same time, the igniter also sends an ignition confirmation signal (IGF) as a fail-safe measure to the ECM.



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