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i already changed the solenoid and sensor but the first code didn't turn off so deleted the code then i drove it for five minutes and the check engine light came back on so i checked it again and this time i got code p0443 could it be the coal canister i already checked the vacuum lines
Vehicle: 1996 ford ranger xl 2.3 l

1 Answer

P0443 Evaporative emission purge control valve circuit malfunction

P1443 Evaporative control system purge control solenoid or purge control valve fault

The code came on with in 5 minutes, This is a electrical problem , what the ECM does is look for open circuit short circuit , grounded circuit, this is the reason for the code to set within the first drive cycle, check along its harness and look for any open or shorted wire of the purge connection.

‚Äč One of the main jobs of the ECM is to look for open circuits , short circuits, grounds , rationality, these type of condition will code within the first drive cycle,

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