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Code P0725 on 96 Honda Accord V6

My check engine light just came on. I have a 1996 Honda Accord V-6, 163K miles with original engine and tranny. Tranny struggles a little when I go up hills (of which there are a lot of where I live). Engine sputters sometimes when on freeway and putting a load on the engine. Tachomoter is all over the dial. Pep Boys checked and said it was Code: P0725. Does this likely mean my tranny is on its last breath? What else could it mean? Thanks, Polly

Vehicle: 1996 Honda Accord V-6 EX
asked Oct 1, 2013 by polly

1 Answer

P0725 Engine speed input circuit malfunction

This is a transmission code , what happens the transmission uses the engine speed signal for shift points, What you describe is a slipping transmission, this is when the tachometer goes  high. So yes , you have both a engine hesitation or misfire and a slipping transmission
answered Oct 1, 2013 by Reynaldo (9,622 points)
Do you think that means my tranny is fried? Ive been worried about it for the last year because of all the hills in Pittsburgh--I have to engage the tranny a lot. S%#&T!!!!

I wish I had a crystal ball to answer my question....should I repair the tranny to a car that isn't worth as much as a rebuilt tranny would cost; or shuold I seek out a "new" used car (all I could borrow might be $4000-5000)??? Neither proposition is a win in this picture.

On my car, Ive done a lot of maintenance--ball joints, brakes all around, new AC, engine leaks, muffler, strutts---expensive upkeep. If I buy a new/used car, I risk all those things going bad all over again.

It sucks

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