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I replaced the sensor behind the Crankshaft pulley , but still getting the code . My Haynes manual says there is a second Crankshaft Sensor , I think , on the " back side " of the block , next to the fire wall . I can not find the sensor ? Any way to tell which sensor is generating the code ?Thanks

Vehicle: 1996 Chevy Lumina 4 door sedan 3.1L
You are 100% correct , sensor A is the one behind the crankshaft pulley .  Sensor B is the one on the back side of the engine .

     I went to replace the sensor  A electrical connector on the wiring harness .  I found one of the 3 little wires to the old electrical connector broken .

     I spliced th the new connector & cleared the codes .  Check engine lite has not come back on .   :-)  

     Praise the Lord

God bless

1 Answer

The P0336 Code should be for the one behind the crankshaft pulley, but I heard in some case could also be cause by the one on side. Here is an image of the location.

1996 Chevrolet Lumina Crankshaft Position Sensor Location

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