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The OBD code on my 2006 Lexus RX330 is P0420. Since there is one catalytic converter on each exhaust train (total of 2) how do I determine which one (or both) is defective? Some history may be helpful: several weeks ago approximately 5 gallons of diesel fuel was put in the gas tank accidently. There was about 4 gallons of gas in the tank at the time. The engine began to ping and run very rough. The car was driven about 2 miles and tank filled with gas. The car was driven another 12 miles to the Toyota dealership and the tank drained (they said they removed the tank), cleaned and filled with good gas. On the way to the dealership the engine ran pretty good. The spark plugs were replaced. About 1 tank later the dashboard engine trouble light and another light came on. I had the code read at an Autozone and it was P0420. I reset the computer and about one tank later it came on again. More than likely it is a bad catalytic converter, do you agree? If I replace one or both catalytic converters should I replace the O2 sensors also? Is this something I can do myself (I am very adept at mechanical repairs)?
What can I expect to pay if I have a mechanic do all of the repairs?
Thanks for any advice you can give to me.

Vehicle: 2006 Lexus RX330 3.3L

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do i need to register or down load my obd11 to get it to start working . couldyou kindly let me know.

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