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I have an airbag light on , been told it’s the front passenger side crash sensor , near the light . I’ve priced part which is £231.15 plus vat at Mitsubishi. ( which is about cars value lol ) but have been told to look on eBay

My questions are :-

What’s the order to replace ?
Can I take sensor out and leave out before replacement arrives, as I need the codes
Are the two front crash sensors same codes ? ( because I can make drives code out )
What part of the codes do I need ( as the other sensor is )
PMR 587418 , A4545400017, T30395827202, 170707, 3044 ??
I’ve looked on ebay but only found first two codes not the last three ?

Sorry for being long winded , just wanted to get enough information out

Thanks Ken .

Vehicle: 2008 Mitsubishi Colt Blackhawk 1.1

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