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06 Dodge Ram 1500, died while driving. Battery is a t 12v when off. Can't be jumped. Threw these error codes
sometimes will start and run for a little bit before dying again. Does not seem to stutter. Help me get this fixed by Dec 6 so I can drive home for christmas!

P0302 - Cylinder Misfire Fault Detected (https://www.engine-codes.com/p0302_dodge.html)
P1521 - Incorrect Engine Oil Type (https://www.engine-codes.com/p1521_dodge.html)
P0700 - Transaxle Control System Malfunction (https://www.engine-codes.com/p0700_dodge.html)
P0562 - System Under Voltage (https://www.engine-codes.com/p0562_dodge.html), (Battery died because of kid, I switched it out with a different battery a week before)

Thank you guys!

Vehicle: 2006 Dodge Ram 1500 5.7L v8 Quad cab

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The P0302 will cause the engine to have a cylinder misfire but won't cause the engine to stall while driving. The P1521 is for the engine oil type and that will not cause the engine to stall either. The P0700 means that there is a problem with the transmission, but it doesn't specify what the problem is. The battery could cause the engine to stall and set the P0562.

I suggest clearing the codes and checking the battery charge and the charging system. Either you have a bad battery or an alternator.
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Thank you, I will try as you suggested, clearing the codes and such. I forgot to mention it also showed that the Catalyst (CAT), Evaporative (EVAP) System, Oxygen (O2) Sensor had issues as well (Flashing red on the OBD2 reader)

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