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So my husband bought a 2006 Chrysler 300 Touring (rebuilt salvage) last year. Since day 1, the electrical system has been questionable. He went to install an after market stereo & when the old one was pulled out, he found wires just simply "stuffed back there." He spent hours attempting to sort them out, but only with the intent to get the new stereo working. About a week or two later, the check engine light came on. And to simplify this post & due to my terrible memory, since the light has come on, every OBDII reading we've done has involved the words: CAN BUS system, high voltage circuit, sensor bank 1, wiring/connector issues & no communication. My husband would then proceed to replace whatever sensor or part the code would call for, only to have the issues reoccur later. So that tells me the parts aren't failing, it's the electrical part of it. One part that was failing due to all of these problems was the catalytic converters. We decided to remove them, but we put the replacement on the back burner due to a family emergency that drained our savings. My brother in law suggested a straight pipe for a cheap, temporary fix until we could afford a new cat. Naturally, the car sounds & smells like "poo." She has occasionally stalled while driving, but once pulled over, we could fire her right back up & continue driving. Today, after pushing the car hard on the road, she stalled again. But this time, she took quite a few cranks to restart. She has done this repeatedly all day. We've found that after she starts, accelerating the gas kills her, if we throw her in drive she will move at a snail's pace with VERY gentle taps on the gas pedal, & if she stays on eventually she realizes she needs to go & will allow acceleration to about 35 mph. As of today, currently, her codes are: P0113, P2314, P0334 & P0335, but I want to throw in U0101, because that's been there for the past 2-3 months.

From my research, I believe she needs a new PCM & a replacement catalytic converter. Has anyone experienced anything like this? Am I on the right track? Thanks in advance for any input anyone has.

Vehicle: 2006 Chrysler 300 Touring 3.5L

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I doubt the problem is the PCM, most of the time if the PCM fails, the engine will not even start. The P0334,  P0113, or P2314 will not cause the engine to stall. Now the P0335, which is for the Crankshaft Position Sensor, is probably the cause of the engine stall. The problem is either the sensor itself or the wires.  The U0101 could be another problem you should be concerned. The U0101 means that at some point the PCM loses communication with the Transmission Control Module. I recommend checking the wires for damage, from the PCM to TCM.

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Thank you for your input. Where do I start with my reply lol. Sorry, I'm just overwhelmed by this d*** car. I'm thinking whoever rebuilt this car did so without a care to the electrical system. I know that the plug ins to the PCM may have some damage & all the codes I listed previously mention either "wiring" or "connection." This does lead me to believe that while the codes aren't related to each other, they all point to a shotty electric problem. Now, a couple questions about the wiring from TCM to PCM: does one of those 3 plug ins to the PCM contain the TCM wiring? My PCM has 3 plug ins: white, black & orange. Also, basically every wire under the hood is half a** wrapped with black electrical tape. We run the car constantly for work, is it possible that the tape isn't protecting the wiring from the heat of the engine & it's frying it? Are those heat sleeves better for protection? Oh, and also, the car died while we were out last night. My husband tried to remain calm, but after hours of trying to make it home, the starter burnt out. We have very little money & non-existent support from family so we are trying to figure this out on our own & get home on our own. But once we get the car started again, I will surely follow your advise. Thank you again so much & I'll be back if I run into further issues and/or give an update/resolution to help others searching for their answer.

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