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So I JUST bought this Hyundai, got home and boom check engine light. Took my code reader to it, TPS, so I replaced it. It didn't want to automatically readjust so I ended up having to take her to the shop. The fixed it, boom, code again so I take it back. They did a live test on it and it's flashing P1167 P0501 P0171 P0174.

Meaning cylinder 1 and 2 are reading lean, computer is adapting to too lean and the p0501 is reading that either a faulty speed sensor, speed harness/connectors or poor connection or the ECM.

The common denominator I've noticed between these codes and the possible causes is fuel injectors, O2 sensors, MAF, Fuel pump/filter, bad wiring/harnesses and Vacuum leaks..

Before I changed my TPS I was experience shuddering at 55 and 70 mph, rough idle, surges, and hard transmission shifts.

After [I still need to drive it around more but I'll tell the experience driving home] I'm still getting surges, idle isn't too gnarly for at least stop lights, and still have a hard transmission shift. She starts up fine, kinda shivers when I shut her off as soon as I get home, if I wait for a minute in the driveway while in park before shutting off she'll shut off smoothly

I'm trying to deduce what needs to be changed before I do it. My tools are 600 miles away, we're strapped for cash so I have to let our mechanic know what to change out rather than pay hundreds we don't have for a few hours of them diagnosing it. I'm at a loss and I'm seriously worried, we gotta make it from Florida to California because we just had our home sold out from under our feet. Please, any help or tips would be appreciated

Vehicle: 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe V6

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