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code 48 is this referring to the left front sensor of the transmission. Input speed sensor?. The jeep doesn't seem to have the power it used to and full throttle doesn't seem like full throttle. Gas milage is worse. Very sluggish. The code reader says" chrysler transmission enhanced code 48, shorted dump coil LF. Help.

Vehicle: 2002 Jeep grand Cherokee overland 4.7l hi output
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Unfortunately, I couldn't have any information about the code "48". Do you have an OBDII code? should start with Pxxxx

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If I am correct, the code is referring to the abs system.(left front wheel speed sensor). However the sluggishness you are experiencing would be a engine or shifting problem. Perhaps coils, injectors, or a shift solenoid... Bad gas mileage?... check your o2 sensors. ... What is the model and year of your Chrysler? Hook a scanner up to it.

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