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I have a 2015 honda accord. I bought my car new. In July of 2018 I ran over a tired piece on the freeway during rush hour and it did extensive damage to the tune of $7,000. I was not at fault. A used (but certified?) engine and several other things were put in. SInce then my car has been acting 'weird" in that I will turn the car on and all the lights will go on - check engine, steering, etc and then I will turn it off and it will go away. One time these lights all came on and my car wouldn't accelerate much. THis was in May of 2020. I brought the car to honda and they found an error in cylinder 3. They charged $500 but Im not sure what they actually did other than replace all 4 spark plugs and recommend that I use premium fuel for a few fills. This brings me to last week. I turned my car on, the same lights went on and my car once again had a difficult time accelerating. I brought it in and they now are charging $3,000 for "engine wiring hardness for ignition coils" and for ignition coil replacement with harness. They say in the notes that someone has attempted to repair coil 3. They asked for all my service orders (all service always done at hondas ) and realize the only service pertaining to cylinder 3/misfiring was done by them in May of 2020. I told this to a friend and he said this does not sound right given my cars age and mileage (100,000 miles). I do nothing special with my car (no accessories or off roading) I just use the freeway to get to and from work. In the notes from 2020 it looks like all they did was replacement and check spark sparks when I had a misfire in cylinder 3. Did they mess up? What should I do? I know nothing about cars but this seems off. Please help!

Vehicle: 2015 Honda Accord 2.4L

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It's possible that the first shop did not find the exact problem and they replaced the spark plugs just in case. If they run some test to figure out what was the problem with the coil #3, they may have removed the tape around the ignition coil connector to do the test, and now the second shop thinks the removed the tape to repair or fix a problem.

I recommend getting a second opinion or get an explanation why they are recommending the entire wire harness just for some damage wires.

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