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I have a high alcohol reading and was told to change the flex fuel sensor and I can't seem to find it anywhere under the truck by the fuel lines. Any helpful hints?

Vehicle: 2008 Chevrolet Silverado

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What is the engine size of your Silverado?  Starting in 2006 some vehicles no longer use a fuel composition sensor or flex fuel sensor. They use the HO2 sensors and software to calculate the ethanol to gasoline ratio. The proper fill-up procedure must be followed so the software recognizes a refill event and performs a recalculation of the ethanol to gasoline ratio. To identify the flex-fuel vehicles look for the stainless steel fuel pressure regulator and fuel rail along with the stainless steel fuel supply and return pipes. They use different fuel pump and injectors are to withstand the chemical properties of up to 85% ethanol fuel (E85).

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Its the 5.3L V8. I am having a mis firing and was told that it could be the sensor if not the sensor how do i reset the system? I have not put E85 in it in almost 2 years but was told that the computer is reading that i have high alcohol readings.
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Any engine codes? Unfortunately, there are many things that could cause the engine to misfire. From a national database of repairs, here is the list of the top repairs for the engine misfire for your model year:
6000 - replaced the spark plug
2000 - replaced spark plug wire
582 - replaced ignition coil
399 - cleaned throttle body
355 - replaced valve cover
239 - replaced engine oil pressure sensor

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