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Okay so i have had this issue for sometime now and cant seem to fine a solution to it ive swaped the engine on this vehicle when the head gasket blew on me and it seemed fine after i did that but one day after i changed the oil on it i took it out for a drive and the D light started to flash i was clueless so i parked it at my house the next day i hoped to see it now pop up again and it did,the car started fine but when i put it into the D gear it made the engine shake then it didnt want to eccelerate it was like a turtle just felt like i was in a bogg so maybe i though the tranny went out. I had the car scanned and i kept getting the linear control solenoid sensor so i went and baught one from the junkyar put it on and still the same codes came back .i picked up a new transmission from a local warhouse in orlando i baught it and had it put in now this time i had it scanned but a different code came and it was the p1753 with is the torque converter clutch solenoid i had that changed to but the code keeps coming back ive even changed the pcm for one with the same year as mine and still no Fix if anyone cant help me out it Is much appreciated.

Vehicle: 1999 Honda Crv 2.0L
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