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2006 Ford SMax TCDI 1997cc

Had P1335 DTC so replaced EGR valve but error remains. Symptoms of power loss and stalls have gone but still get the car ‘jerking’ in low gears with revs less than 2000 and rough idling from cold, albeit to a significantly lesser extent. What else could be wrong?

Vehicle: 2006 Ford Smax 1997cc
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1 Answer

Hi there,

If changing the valve hasn't solved the issue, you may want to check for faulty wiring. Here is some more info for you.

P1335 FORD - EGR Position Sensor Minimum Stop Performance

Read more: https://www.autocodes.com/p1335_ford.html

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Thanks for this.
Seem to have resolved the issue by resetting the learned values for the EGR with FORScan software. Now the car runs smoothly with no further error codes

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