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I have a 2005 F150 4.6 V8. My vehicle threw a couple of codes and I am trying to replace this sensor before anything else. I have already replaced the throttle body so i'm hoping its just the sensor. Does anyone have a blue print on my transmission that they can send me? Here is a list of codes that my vehicle has thrown.

P0715 - Turbine Speed Sensor Circuit fault
P0717 - Turbine Speed Sensor No Signal
P2106 - TAC System - Forced Limited Power - I think this may be because the sensor

Vehicle: 2005, Ford, F150, 4.6 V8

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P2106 is the throttle limit, if this engine had a throttle cable and there was a faulty transmission, you can ruin the engine, There are countless times where there is a transmission flare and the driver would accelerate very hard, and as the end result there would be a engine knock. Some people would replace or repair the transmission only to have it back with a engine knock. P2106 is set due to the 2 codes that you have.

​ Also be aware that the turbine sensor is connected to other sensor , such as the transmission fluid temperature sensor it affects the operation of the turbine sensor

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Fortunately this has a electronic throttle body. I have replaced the throttle on it as well and still the same issue happened. I was driving on a hot day on the highway traveling 50-60mph and  I lost power when taking my foot off the gas pedal and then back on the pedal. I took it to a trans shop and they told me to replace the actuator for the throttle but I just replaced the whole throttle body instead. He then asked me to replace the turbine speed sensor since the code was associated with that part specifically. I honestly do know what it could be after I install this sensor and it does the same thing. I would assume its a tranny problem at that point? The truck only has 87000 miles on it though.

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