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2000 Honda Odyssey transmission jumping at 3000rpm

I have a 2000 Honda Odyssey. When I get to 3000 rpms the transmission jumps or chugs (hard to explain) if I accelerate slowly and not let it get to 3000 rpms it's fine. My TCS light stays on, and the check engine light only shows the p1259 code. I'm not sure what to do. Oil is clean and at the proper level. Transmission fluid is clean and at the proper level.
Vehicle: 2000 Honda Odyssey
asked Feb 16 by Ashley

1 Answer

P1259 A problem in the VTEC oil pressure switch or VTEC solenoid circuit

This is not a transmission problem, as this condition is common seen with the Odyseey You accelerate and the engine seems like it stumbles, The worse is when your at stop and as you accelerate it stumbles then runs fine. Clear the code do your normal driving, there are times when P1259 is set and it the EGR that causes the problem. What happens is P1259 is a type "A" code it suspends any "P"  other code that would appear. For now replace the VTEC solenoid and the VTEC oil pressure switch. and don't be surprise if the next code that is set is for the EGR.
answered Feb 17 by Reynaldo (9,976 points)

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