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Is a Tech2 absolutely required to program a GM CKP and CMP on an H3

The engine has been rebuilt and am now getting a P0017 code. The vehicle will die randomly while driving, and the check engine light is that code.
Vehicle: 2007, Hummer H3 3.7L I5
asked 4 days ago by Andrew

1 Answer

No, when you replace the CKP, you use a scan tool to set the CKP relearn variation, and most time replacing a CKP without doing a CKP relearn variation does not set a code, but if there is ever a misfire condition , it point out to the wrong cylinder, If the CKP is out of sync you would set a P0336, or a P0335. Even if these code P0335 or P0336 are set, the engine would still run and not stall out. P0017 and your stalling out, Hopefully your CMP actuator ,solenoid is stuck open,
answered 4 days ago by Reynaldo (9,598 points)

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