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I have a 2003 Volkswagen Jetta 2.0l engine, it started with a leaky connection above the coolant temp sensor it snapped of well I was searching for it so I went to turn car off went to get a replacement connection installed it well in the process another coolant connection snapped, the 4 way connection to be exact anyway it was not available anywhere, except the junk yard and the dealer of course, that was installed come to find out there is now a leak from the temp sensor housing, coolant every once again took out the temp sensor and the gasket was worn out so I got some universal coolant gaskets worked fine for a few or less minutes the started leaking from the temp sensor had to get new one with gasket now I have a p0321 code it was starting up a few times misfiring and spuddering but when putting it in drive it would shut down let it sit for a while the went to start it started up one last time and I got it to drive around the corner and parked it and now it doesn't start up at all. Please any help or suggestions thank you!!!
Vehicle: 2003 Volkswagen Jetta 2.0l

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HI there

The code is for the ignition speed input sensor. The coolant leak may have damaged it and is causing the problem. I would repair this code and it should solve the issue. Here is some more info on this.

P0321 VOLKSWAGEN - Ignition Engine Speed Input Circuit Range/Performance

Read more: https://www.autocodes.com/p0321_volkswagen.html

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