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Need to help code p2096 bmw 535i xdrive 2009
Vehicle: Bmw 535i xdrive Turbo charge 3.0

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HI there

This code is for the post catalyst fuel system to lean on bank 1.

Most common cause of the problem is the bank 1 O2 sensor AFTER the converter. Could also be an issue with the computer, the wiring or an intake manifold leak.
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Change the manifold  intake gasket, the pcv valve, the pcv pulge valve control canister I do not know what else to do please help me
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When I changed the manifold gasket I turned on the car and the light turned off the next day the light came on again
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I did the smoke test the only leak is on the top where the pcv the cover is crakeado no more leak for more part of the engine or line. The code p2096 is my code tends to see with the cover crakeado
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This will cause a vacuum leak and the car will pick that up as a lean condition. If you repair it, then it should solve the problem.

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