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P0171 and P0174

Freelander 2002, 2.5l, V6, NAS, 91123 miles. I have replaced fuel pump and fuel filter, no vacuum leaks, replaced injectors for new ones. After checking codes with my scan tool I saw all monitors have completed, except Catalytic Monitor, i.e. oxygen sensors seems to be OK.

Freeze Data:
Load - 16,9
ETC - 210
Short Fuel Trim1 - 7
Long Fuel Trim1 - 1
Short Fuel Trim2 - 4,7
Long Fuel Trim2 - 10,9
RPM - 2264
VSS - 52
Please help me if possible to find what the cause my be. Any sugestions please.


Vehicle: Freelander 1, 2002, SE, 2.5L, V6
asked Mar 25, 2012 by anonymous

2 Answers

Since the issue is on both banks, check the maf sensor (air flow meter) out puts. If the maf is reading wrong then you will get a lean condition on both banks. That is where I would go next.
answered Apr 8, 2012 by Carguy1 (6,700 points)
Thanks a lot Milonajo, I will proceed as per your advice. I will let you know whatever the results, I have already placed an order for the MAF sensor as I do not know how to check the MAF outputs, if only multimeter results are enough - I can do it, but I canĀ“t get oscillograms. The MAF is cheap, so I will just replace them, clear the error code and see the results. Please, thanks a lot once again. Renald
Dear Milonajo,

Thanks a lot one more time. I have replaced the MAF today for a new one and ridden all over the city and country side and no more P0171 & p0174 OBDII error codes.  You were completely right.

God bless you!!!


answered Apr 21, 2012 by anonymous
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