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Light has been on for several weeks. It cleared and I drover for 200 miles or more. After fueling the vehicle, the check engine light came on within 2 minutes of fueling the car. Earlier codes showed P1397 and P1523, but the light went off and didn't come on until after fueling. Any suggestions as to the cause and fix? Sounds more like something to do with the gas cap than cam speed sensor? HELP. [email protected]

Vehicle: 1999 BMW Z3 2.5L

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P1397 Camsaft position sensor

P1523 Variable camshaft timing (Vanos)

You may just have 2 seperate incident that occurs, A evap code that occurs and a misfire condtion that occurs after starting the vehicle. The only way you can set a P1523 and a P1397 and the system clear with a drive of 200 miles or more . Is the PCV system .  A evap code you would have a 02 sensor code such as a lean code conditon.  What happens when you refuel is the EVAP system runs. a extra induction  is affects the PCV performance. These two code are always seen when there is a PCV issue.

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