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My truck while driving it looses its RPM and then flashes on screen, reduce engine power. I have to restart the truck several time before I have RPM to drive

Vehicle: 2004 chevy silverado 2500 not hd but crew cab ls

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P1516 Throttle position not within calibrated range of each other

You have a poor connection when dealing with P1516. Chevy even has a TSB about P1516 caused by a loose wire crimp at the throttle body connector. whcih tends to break about 1/4 from the connector. Another cause can cause by the throttle connection not seating properly or locking properly

 Whe dealing with P1516 check the connection from the connection along its harness

 This P1516 was set when its locking tab where broken and made poor contact, the fix here was using zip tie to hold it in place.

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