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I have the code P0500 on my 2011 Toyota Camry, where is the VSS location?

Vehicle: 2011 Toyota Camry

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We need more information to give you exact location.

What size of engine is your Camry? 4 Cylinders (2.5 lt) or 6 Cylinders (3.5 lt)? Automatic or manual transmission?
6 cylinders Automatic
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For the 2011 Toyota Camry, the P0500 code is for the Vehicle Speed Sensor Signal, this signal is detected by the "Wheel Speed Sensor" on each wheel, then is sent to the "Skid Control ECU" (or ABS Control Module), then is sent to the "Combination Meter" and finally to the "Transmission Control Module (TCM)". Unfortunately, there are some tests that need to be done to determine exactly what the problem is. Here are the possible causes:

- Fault Wheel Speed Sensor (ABS Sensors at each wheel)
- Fault Combination Meter (Gauges Unit)
- Fault Transmission Control Module (TCM)

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