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I have a 2003 town & country with 3.8 motor with 180000 miles. Runs great but now it is one gear only. fluid is red and does not smell burnt. I get a po700 & p0760 codes. I tested the shift solenoid and the ohms was minus one so I put in a used one with low miles and it tested 2.5 ohms. I erased the codes and they came right back. I do not want to through money at this any ideas out there. A TCM I not sure if that would do it. Can a person pull one from a junk car? Is there a shift solenoid in side THE trans? I am using a OBD II scanner. Help!!

Vehicle: 2003 chrysler town & country 3.8 motor

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Hi there,

P0700 is letting you know other codes are stored. 

P0760 indicates an issue with the OD solenoid. If replacing this solenoid hasn't solved the issue, it's likely a wiring problem. Here is some info for you.

P0760 CHRYSLER - OD Solenoid Circuit Fault

Read more: https://www.autocodes.com/p0760_chrysler.html

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