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2004 Infiniti G37xS Coupe, what is CAN COMM CIRCUIT 39 ERROR?

Vehicle: 2004 Infiniti G37x S Coupe

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Hazard light goes on while the car is parked, locked and off.

Checked errors and found this one:


Any idea?
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That code is not related to your problem. The code means that at some point the AV system lost communication with other control modules.

How often does the hazard light turn ON by itself? do you have any aftermarket accessories (e.g. aftermarket alarm or stereo)?
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Hi , thanks for your comment.
To answer your first question, there is no rule or known duration for when the hazard light goes on, sometimes it happens once a week, but some other times I experience it 3 or 4 times a day or more which forces me to disconnect the battery.
For your second question, the answer is no, I don’t have any aftermarket accessories.
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The hazard lights are controlled by the Body Control Module (BCM). The BCM turns the hazard lights ON when the vehicle is locked/unlocked, the alarm goes off or the switch is turned ON.
I recommend disconnecting the hazard light switch, if the problem stops, then the problem is either the switch or the wires from the switch to the BCM. If the problem continues, then the problem is with the BCM.

Do the doors lock/unlock when the hazard lights turn ON by themselves?

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