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What could be the problem with my 2008 Ford F150 4.2L for the code P0720? Transmission is Slipping, I put in a new output sensor. Still slipping. I cleared the code. So now I'm waiting for the drive cycle to complete.

Vehicle: 2008 Ford F150 4.2L

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P0720 Output speed sensor

What the ECM does is look for open, shorts ,grounds and rationality, P0720 will result in harsh shift or abnormal shift, if this is the sensor , P0720 more than likely appears due to a internal mechanical transmission problem.To set the monitor you will need to use a transmission additive such as Lucas. Your acceleration must be light to modearate,
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P0720 Ford Code - Output Shaft Speed Sensor Circuit Malfunction
Read more: https://www.autocodes.com/p0720_ford.html

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