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All of these codes came out of the blue the last three all at once means ignition switch. But the first two are throwing me for a loop or are they related to the ignition switch? I already cleaned the throttle body and replaced the map sensor. So at this point i'm going to change the ignition switch and see what happens but I could use some suggestions at this point. Please help

Vehicle: 2002 GMC envoy slt 4.2l

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P0107 Manifold absolute pressure circuit low input. (MAP) sensor

P0785 Electrical (transmission)

P0740 Torque convertor clutch circuit malfunction

P1512 TAC (throttle actuator control motor)  operates in reduced power

P1860 TCC (torque convertor clutch ) open or short

Go to the engine fuse junction box and check for a open fuse,This will code up P0785 and P0740 and P1860. As for P0107 which is the MAP inspect the electrical connection you have a circuit low, if the MAP is faulty this will set reduce power.

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