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the p0521 and p0523 at the same time when the oil gauge went to 0, but no oil light or no power de-rating ,no shut engine off low oil pressure across the dic. engine oil level is fine no sounds out of the engine just the mil light and no oil pressure shown on gauge. please help dont want to make big$ mistakes.

Vehicle: 2007 Chevrolet silverado 5.3 new body style

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P0521 Oil pressure sensor, switch circuit range/performance

P0523  Oil pressure sensor /switch circuit high voltage,

P0523 when you get any code where the definition is high voltage,the sensor is either diconnected at the harness or disconnected in the sensor itself.obviously you dont have a oil pressure problem but it always a good safe guard to check oil pressure,and either way you are going to need a oil pressure switch, so if you install it and it reads 0,get the oil pressure checked

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