P2179 - System Too Lean Off Idle Bank 2

Repair Importance Level: 3/3
Repair Difficulty Level: 2/3   
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Possible causes

  • Intake air leaks
  • Faulty front heated oxygen sensor
  • Ignition misfiring
  • Faulty fuel injectors
  • Incorrect fuel pressure
  • Lack of fuel
  • Faulty Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor
  • Incorrect Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) hose connection

Tech notes

Then engine is "too Lean" when the O2 sensors detect more air than fuel during combustion. There are two likely issues for a lean system problems. One of the problems could be unmetered air is entering the engine, in other words there is an air intake leak after the Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor. The other problem could be clogged fuel injectors. Fuel additives sometimes will fix clogged fuel injectors.

Possible symptoms

  • Engine Light ON (or Service Engine Soon Warning Light)

P2179 Description

With the Air/Fuel Mixture Ratio Self-Learning Control, the actual mixture ratio can be brought closely to the theoretical mixture ratio based on the mixture ratio feedback signal from the heated oxygen sensors 1. The Engine Control Module (ECM) calculates the necessary compensation to correct the offset between the actual and the theoretical ratios.

In case the amount of the compensation value is extremely large (The actual mixture ratio is too lean.), the ECM judges the condition as the fuel injection system malfunction and light up the MIL (2 trip detection logic).

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