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11/16/15 provides car owners with a comprehensive, searchable database of OBDII codes to help diagnose and repair vehicle problems.

(PRWEB) November 15, 2015 -- For vehicle owners perplexed by OBDII codes, a new resource is available offering the chance to search for the problem triggering the code. is a website offering the ability to search by OBDII codes to find definitions and descriptions as well as repair information for the problems associated with that code. With the right information, car owners can avoid an unnecessary trip to the repair shop, and the costs associated with a visit, just to check the diagnostic code. provides car owners with three ways to get help when their cars display a code. First, users can search their OBDII codes specifically to find the underlying problem. Second, users can post a question relating to OBDII codes. Third, users have the option to connect with a local mechanic using the site's searchable list of local repair shops.

In addition, provides helpful repair information including both pictures and videos. "We want our users to have all of the tools possible for them to repair their vehicles on their own, if it's cost effective to do so," said a company spokesperson. "By giving them the tools they need to look up their diagnostic codes and find videos and information on repair immediately, we can help people do just that."

OBDII codes, or On-Board Diagnostics, provide codes that show problems found in engine controls, brakes and other vehicle parts. When a problem is detected by the on-board diagnostic system, a warning light will illuminate on the dash, and the driver can look up the code. With, car owners can determine if that OBDII code indicates an emergency, or if it can wait to be addressed at a later time. Some diagnostics require an immediate trip to the repair shop, while others can wait for a routine maintenance visit. With a resource to search to know the exact cause of the code, some car owners can also tackle the repairs themselves, saving money and time.

About provides a simple, mobile-friendly resources that drivers can use to search OBD-II codes, look up repair information and find local repair shops. This one-stop resource provides a searchable database of OBD-II codes, so drivers can be proactive in caring for their vehicles. Visit to start searching today. Tech Challenge


How much do you know about cars? we are proud to introduce Tech Challenge. With Tech Challenge you can test your vehicle repair knowledge and at the same time learn from it. Tech Challenge is also a good resource for automotive technician to train for the ASE tests. Videos Now Responsive


Here at we are always working to make sure our site is more accessible. We have now included a feature to make all videos on our site responsive. You can now view videos in our web site with any display size without any problems trying to resize the screen. App

12/20/13 is excited to announce the launch of the first version of the Android App and Amazon app. We are working on improving the current features and adding much more options. The main point of the first version was for the app to read the code through the OBD-II reader and search the code on our site for information on the code.

More Information: Android App "Find a Shop"

12/15/13 has announced the start of the new section, "Find a Shop" on our website. If you are having problems fixing your vehicle with the information given, you find a shop near you to help you with the repair. The good thing about getting information on the issue you have before going to a shop if that you have a better understanding on the issue with your vehicle and what the problem and possible causes are.

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