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P0455 FORD - 2010 Fusion SE, check engine light went on on highway.

I just bought a 2010 Ford Fusion SE at a dealer and it has that no-gas-cap fuel inlet. First day I had it, the dash had a text warning "Check fuel fill inlet", then later on the highway, the check engine light came on. Had the codes read, it came back P0455 and P0457. I can sometimes clear the text warning by putting gas in the tank and pulling out the nozzle quickly, but it can recur with the next filling (hit or miss.) Check light stays on all the time. As car is covered by the Lemon Law (just got it a few days ago), they are liable for repairs to make it pass Emissions.

Dealer's mechanic says cause is either purge valve at tank or pressure(?) valve in engine that regulates EVAP canister gas vapor flow, and he says they are each "a couple of hundred dollars" He will put the car up on lift Monday to isolate the leak. Are the valves really the most likely cause (this car has 85,000 miles)?


Vehicle: 2010, Ford, Fusion SE, 2.3L
asked Jun 23, 2012 by anonymous

1 Answer

I also have a 2010 Ford Fusion SE with a CHECK FUEL INLET light that comes on.  When that light goes off the SERVICE ENGINE light comes on.  I have been told by a Ford mechanic that the valve needs to be replaced ($275) as it has a leak.  I also just had to replace the sunfroof ($1300) a month ago because the clips that hold it in place, which are plastic, had cracked and it would close all the way.  Besides the 2 recalls Ford has had on this vehicle, I have also had to have the wheel covers replaced because they were "peeling" but alas, the paint is now chipping off around the windshield.  It has 66,000 miles on it so Ford just says tough luck.   I thinks it's a disgrace that a person spends that kind of money on a new vehicle and it only lasts 2 years.
answered Jul 12, 2012 by anonymous
I bought mine second hand and before i made it home the fuel  inlet light came on.Took it to ford twice and they just screwed around and told me there was just dirt behind the flap and to use the funnel to clean it out.But i ended up replacing the whole fuel assembly $189.Fog lights was so low that you couldnt even tell you turned them on but that was easy to fix,just needed to take 3 screwes out on each side with a hexed end to adjust.Sometimes i think the transmission is gonna come through the hood or out the bottom cause sometimes i get get on the gas and when it changes to 1st to 2nd it hits hard as hell.But as far as handling its prolly the best balanced car i ever had!!!  2010 Ford Fusion SE 52,000 miles

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