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I recently cleaned the maf sensor, after reconnecting airbox the truck will not start. Its a 2000 toyota tacoma v6 and this is the first time i have cleaned the maf sensor. At first it seems to start but then shuts back down pulling the p1300 code. It also has a bottle of techron fuel injector cleaner in the tank as well. I put it in with a full tank of gas and drove it home was planning on running the tank of gas thru after cleaning maf sensor but the truck wont start. could this be part of the issue could bad fuel pull this code? please help!!

Vehicle: 2000 toyota tacoma prerunner v6

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P1300 Ignitor circuit malfunction No.1

Cleaning out the MAF will not cause the vehicle to not start, nor will P1300 cause a vehicle to not start. If the air duct is not properly secured or the MAF  harness is not connected the vehicle will not start, you get this code condition P1300 when the ECM see the IGT signal open when the engine is running. Remove the MAF airduct from throttle body to MAF and spray your MAF cleaner in the throttle body, secure everyting back up and attempt to start the vehicle, if the vehicle start then stall out, you may just need a fuel pump.

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