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the flashing arrow light comes on and after putting into drive, it wont shiftto second.the rpms go up past 4. And when left just sitting in park the rpms stay reved up just past the number 1 mark. I just bought the car and when I got it it had 4 different sized tires, which I had just changed , and then 30 minutes after this problem began.

Vehicle: 1995,volvo,850 sedan,2.4
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1 Answer

P0705 Incorrect signal from gear position sensor

P0730 Incorrect gear ratio

Due to P0730 being one of the code condition the transmission will only operate in 4th gear, P0730 will put the transmission in a limp mode or a limited gear position. Replace the gear position sensor   if this is faulty it will also cause P0730 to occur  and the flashing shift light. Check the tranmission fluid level. low transmission fluid level will do more problem than just four different tire size. With this year model only the ABS system (if equipt) is only affected.
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