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My 2007 5 series is having a hard time starting, and all these lights came on. I have 3 codes P1727, P0335 and P0700.
I found out online that P1727 might be the coast clutch slenoid inductive signiture malfunction. Could you please help me understand what that mean? and what possible solutions there are? thanks

Vehicle: 2007, BMW 5 series

1 Answer

P0335 Crank sensor signal

P0700 Transmission control system malfunction

P1727 Can message signal error / coast clutch inductive signature malfunction

When you have a crankshaft sensor failing or going out of range You encounter hard starting or a no start condition and even engine misfire or even stalling, These affect the transmission condition, and you code up P0700, and P1727 . P1727 in BMW is known as plausable meaning it appears to be true,Just take care of the crank sensor problem , you only have one problem.
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But i have a 2008 bmw 750li engine sound like it missin
What csn i do or check yo solve the problem
The problem when you set a P0335 the VANOS goes into a default mode. If there is a miss, your code just would indicate the CKP is out of range, Is there any front timing chain noise? These type of engine are known to break the timing chain guides and take out the jump chain bringing the engine  out of timing, having a miss with the engine and being a drive by wire you can expect the transmission to set a code. The cause for the engine  miss should be found.

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