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As Self-Driving Cars Approach, the Auto Industry Races to Rebuild
wired.com - 01/15/2017 - Views: 825
WHEN FORD EXECUTIVES started dropping in on Silicon Valley startups a couple of years ago, they were met with less than warm receptions... Read more
Panasonic envisions autonomous cars with bubble-like cabins
venturebeat.com - 01/14/2017 - Views: 716
Panasonic showed its concept car of the future at its CES 2017 press event... Read more
Nissan is using Mars Rover tech from NASA to control autonomous car fleets
theverge.com - 01/05/2017 - Views: 1506
Nissan has taken NASA technology built for the Mars Rover to help control fleets of autonomous vehicles... Read more
Nvidia-Audi partnership's autonomous car delivery date set
bizjournals.com - 01/05/2017 - Views: 915
A small handful of deep-pocketed companies are locked in a race to deliver the world’s first truly autonomous commercial car, capable of navigating itself from Point A to Point B without any human intervention... Read more
Self-driving cars are already deciding who to kill
businessinsider.com - 12/29/2016 - Views: 1310
Autonomous vehicles are already making profound choices about whose lives matter, according to experts, so we might want to pay attention... Read more
Autonomous Vehicles Gain Powerful Ally: The US Government
techzone360.com - 12/27/2016 - Views: 742
Safety and lack of federal regulations seem to have a monopoly on the hampering growth of self-driving cars... Read more
If a Self-Driving Car Kills a Pedestrian
gizmodo.com - 12/27/2016 - Views: 931
If a Self-Driving Car Kills a Pedestrian, Who Is at Fault? The hype around autonomous vehicles is reaching a fever pitch... Read more
Roadmap to Automated Driving
- 12/25/2016 - Views: 1335
An autonomous car (driverless car, self-driving car, robotic car) is a vehicle that is capable of sensing its environment and navigating without human input... Read more
Autonomous cars: A beginners’ guide for 2017 and beyond
thenextweb.com - 12/25/2016 - Views: 1503
Times are moving. Fast. If you haven’t been keeping up, it’s time to crawl out of the medieval rock that you’ve been hiding under... Read more
Uber tries to have it both ways with self-driving cars
mashable.com - 12/24/2016 - Views: 756
Uber has ended its brief driverless car experiment in San Francisco — though not before trying to pull off a bit of corporate gymnastics... Read more
Honda teaming up with Waymo on autonomous cars
foxnews.com - 12/24/2016 - Views: 660
Honda is Googling self-driving cars. The automaker is in discussions with Google parent Alphabet’s new autonomous car company Waymo to test its technology in Honda vehicles... Read more
Autonomous cars seen as smarter than human drivers
techcrunch.com - 12/23/2016 - Views: 763
PwC released the results of its latest survey on the future of automotive technology, and it seems Americans are coming around to the idea of autonomous cars, ride hailing and car sharing... Read more
2016: A tipping point for excitement in self-driving cars
cnn.com - 12/21/2016 - Views: 652
The money, brainpower and time poured into autonomy will likely spur huge changes in how we live... Read more
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