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Tesla Cybertruck Hotwheels is a glimpse of Elon Musk’s brilliant marketing strategy
teslarati.com - 02/25/2020 - Views: 1102
Just like the upcoming all-electric Tesla Cybetruck, Hot Wheels and Mattel’s 1:10 scale model Cybertruck RC is sensational, selling out five hours after its website launched... Read more
Tesla is trying to change law that would make its electric semi truck popular in Europe
electrek.co - 02/25/2020 - Views: 627
Tesla is reportedly trying to get approval for electric trucks to get around a Sunday and holiday ban for semi truck travel in Europe, which would give a significant boost to commercial electric trucks, like the Tesla Semi... Read more
Cruise can now transport passengers in self-driving cars in CA
techcrunch.com - 02/25/2020 - Views: 441
Cruise recently received a permit to transport passengers in its autonomous vehicles in California... Read more
Argo AI’s CEO explains why its fleet of self-driving taxis won’t be all-electric (at first)
theverge.com - 02/25/2020 - Views: 493
One of the burning questions facing self-driving carmakers is whether it makes sense to go all-electric... Read more
Tesla Competitor Nio Is Soaring. Here’s Why
barrons.com - 02/25/2020 - Views: 535
The American Depositary Receipts of Chinese electric vehicle maker NIO soared Tuesday, closing up 13... Read more
Tesla Model Y prepares for first deliveries, officially
cnet.com - 02/25/2020 - Views: 557
Late Monday evening, those with a Tesla Model Y reservation received some very exciting news... Read more
Tesla’s valuation needs to be more ‘grounded’ to profit, analyst says
marketwatch.com - 02/25/2020 - Views: 522
Jefferies analysts on Tuesday cut their ratings on Tesla Inc... Read more
Tesla Model 3 'rival' Volkswagen ID.3 is turning into a cautionary tale
teslarati.com - 02/25/2020 - Views: 526
There is a storm brewing in Volkswagen’s Wolfsburg plant, and it can very well make or break the career of CEO Herbert Diess, a strong proponent for the company’s transition to electric mobility... Read more
Apple engineer killed in Tesla SUV crash on Silicon Valley freeway was playing videogame: NTSB
marketwatch.com - 02/25/2020 - Views: 617
The National Transportation Safety Board says the driver of a Tesla SUV who died in a Silicon Valley crash two years ago was playing a videogame on his smartphone at the time... Read more
Largest public fast charging station in USA opens with help from Tesla
electrek.co - 02/18/2020 - Views: 434
Less than a year ago, the Pasadena City Council voted to join Tesla in building the largest public fast charging station in the USA... Read more
Stocks making the biggest moves midday: Apple, Legg Mason, Virgin Galactic, Tesla and more
cnbc.com - 02/18/2020 - Views: 521
Shares of the iPhone maker fell 1.8% after Apple said that it does not expect to hit its quarterly revenue forecast due to lower iPhone supply globally and lower Chinese demand amid the coronavirus outbreak... Read more
MIT’s Ground-Penetrating Radar Looks Down for Perfect Self-Driving
extremetech.com - 02/18/2020 - Views: 523
Ground-penetrating radar may soon be the sensor that makes your car autonomous in all weather conditions... Read more
Motivated by Tesla’s rise, BMW stokes up dealer excitement about its upcoming EVs
electrek.co - 02/18/2020 - Views: 634
BMW had a good year in 2019. The brand sold 324,826 vehicles in the US last year... Read more
Leon Cooperman says the market has become too pessimistic on energy stocks, too euphoric on Tesla
cnbc.com - 02/18/2020 - Views: 624
Billionaire investor Leon Cooperman told CNBC on Tuesday that investors have become too pessimistic on the energy sector and too optimistic on individual companies like Tesla... Read more
Elon Musk says AI development should be better regulated, even at Tesla
theverge.com - 02/18/2020 - Views: 576
Tesla CEO Elon Musk wants to see all artificial intelligence better regulated, even at his own company, he tweeted Monday (via TechCrunch)... Read more
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