Electric & Autonomous Vehicles News - 02/25/2020 - Views: 280

Tesla Model Y prepares for first deliveries, officially

Late Monday evening, those with a Tesla Model Y reservation received some very exciting news. Judging by a flurry of Twitter activity, the Model Y is nearly ready to ship out to eager buyers.

Numerous Twitter accounts have posted email screenshots from Tesla that declare the Model Y is ready for delivery in March and asks soon-to-be owners when they're available to take delivery of their new electric vehicle. After setting a timeframe, the email says future owners will receive another notification on when they can complete any remaining steps, such as financing or a vehicle trade-in.

The quick movement is unlike past experiences, which saw bottlenecks and delays make for a slow start to Model 3 deliveries. Today, however, Tesla appears to be firing on all cylinders (internal-combustion engine joke totally on purpose) when it comes to production timelines. In fact, the carmaker said during its fourth quarter earnings call the Model Y was coming ahead of schedule, which led us to the March 2020 delivery date.