Powertrain OBDII Trouble Code List

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  • P161E 568 Views
    Throttle Valve Adaptation Failure Spring Test Failed Bank 2
  • P161F 1,714 Views
    Throttle Valve Actuator 2 Position Self-Test Fault
  • P1620 21,535 Views
    Low Engine Coolant Circuit Conditions
  • P1621 24,751 Views
    Control Module Long Term Memory Performance Condition
  • P1622 24,684 Views
    Map Cooling Thermostat Control Circuit Electrical
  • P1623 9,451 Views
    Transmission Fluid Temperature Sensor Pullup Resistor Circuit Conditions
  • P1624 29,200 Views
    Malfunction Indicator Lamp Request Signal Active
  • P1625 16,720 Views
    CAN Data Bus TCS/ABS
  • P1626 19,267 Views
    Theft Deterrent Fuel Enable Signal Not Received
  • P1627 14,012 Views
    Engine Control Module Analogue / Digital Converter
  • P1628 17,307 Views
    Powertrain Control Module Engine Control Temperature Pullup Resistor Conditions
  • P1629 11,216 Views
    Theft Deterrent Start Enable Signal Not Received
  • P162A
    No information found → Ask A Question About This Code
  • P162B 4,892 Views
    Remote Vehicle Speed Limiting Signal Message Counter Incorrect
  • P162C 206 Views
    Vehicle Speed Limiting/Warning Switch Circuit
  • P162D 497 Views
    Throttle Position Control Throttle Stuck Permanently Bank 2
  • P162E 848 Views
    Internal Control Module Power Take Off Performance
  • P162F 2,759 Views
    Starter Motor Disabled Engine Crank Time Too Long
  • P1630 23,443 Views
    System Voltage Error Conditions
  • P1631 6,459 Views
    Theft Deterrent Start Enable Signal Not Correct
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