Powertrain OBDII Trouble Code List

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  • P1592 2,444 Views
    Barometric Pressure Sensor/Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor Implausible Ratio
  • P1593 1,128 Views
    Altitude Adoption Signal Outside Tolerance
  • P1594 3,296 Views
    Charging System Voltage Too High
  • P1595 1,041 Views
    Speed Control Solenoid Circuits
  • P1596 2,073 Views
    Speed Control Switch Always High
  • P1597 1,075 Views
    Speed Control Switch Always Low
  • P1598 2,495 Views
    A/C Pressure Sensor High Input Conditions
  • P1599 1,400 Views
    Engine Stall Or Near Stall Detected
  • P159A 776 Views
    G Sensor Circuit
  • P159B 845 Views
    G Sensor Circuit Range/Performance
  • P159C 1,057 Views
    G Sensor Circuit Low Input
  • P159D 2,335 Views
    G Sensor Circuit High Input
  • P159E
    No information found → Ask A Question About This Code
  • P159F 2,407 Views
    Fuel Economy Mode Switch Circuit Low Voltage
  • P15A0 2,137 Views
    Fuel Economy Mode Switch Circuit High Voltage
  • P15A1 3,159 Views
    Fuel Economy Mode Switch Performance
  • P15A2 575 Views
    Engine Oil Pressure Mechanical Control Solenoid Sticking Deactivated
  • P15A3 432 Views
    Stop/Start Select Switch Circuit Signal Message Counter Incorrect
  • P15A4 865 Views
    AJC Compressor Driver Relay Stays Activated
  • P15A5 1,848 Views
    Motor Current Sensor Circuit Malfunction
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